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Me and My FAMILY

I thought you might want to meet your web designer and know a little about my life, since we will likely be working long distance and may never meet. 

I'm married for over 20 years now and we have two children and lots of pets! 

I've gathered a lot of pictures over the years, so I hope you enjoy looking through them.

Our Daughters:
Sarina and Sierra

The High School Years

Sarina's Photos taken on a Carnival Cruise with her Fiance' Phil

Married Now
and finished College

Enjoy Life Sweetheart!

We're Starting Again!
What a pleasure!

Our Rock!



Dad Loves to Fish!
I get to cook it!


I actually remodeled a lady's two closets all by myself in 2005.  Seriously, nobody helped.  She couldn't afford a real construction worker, so trusted me when I said I could do it for her.


I like sewing, but not often.  I made these costumes for the kids one day. The spiders are stuffed with plastic garbage bags!


I won this American made Fender Stratocaster guitar on the internet one time just for posting a blog entry and getting all my friends to vote for me. (I run an alumni forum for my high school in Arizona, so that was no problem)

If you want to read the entry or hear me play the first song I learned before I won this, here's the link: HERE or just go to the song file HERE   I'm not very good, but it's fun and relaxing.


Here's the painting that I did.  Sarina is the artist of the family, but she wouldn't get around to using the oil paints and canvas that I purchased, so I tried my hand at it.  First and last time I've ever painted.




My eldest daughter worked at a pet shop and boy did she bring home the pets!  She's now 21 and is starting to stock her own home with more.  She already has three dogs that she loves and one is a Great Dane and one's a Greyhound!!  Oh, my goodness!  Fortunately, she can afford them and did very well after high school in the nursing field (a college student too!)

My having been raised in Sierra Vista, Arizona - snakes were an everyday thing, so she took a fancy to them as well.