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Tri-Cities Web Solutions is a professional website design company located in the Tri-Cities Tennessee area but serves customers throughout the world.

We offer custom web designs • to ensure a branded look; website hosting set ups • using any 3rd party you choose to assure you own your own domain; and low website fees • that are very competitive and lower than what you'd expect.  View our Web Design Portfolio.

Along with those major needs we also offer website graphical designs from mild to wild, custom graphics for your advertising needs, custom business logos, flyers, magazine Ads, etc., on-going web management, SEO (Search Engine Optimization), and Shopping Cart Setups, all at relatively cheap pricing - but very Professional Workmanship.

Desktop vs. Mobile Websites

As of April 21, 2015 mobile compatible websites are being offered by just about every website company, due to Google's announcement of ranking mobile websites higher in their search engine for Handheld device users.  Desktop results will remain the same, however.  We offer both Responsive Design as well as Mobile domain standalone development in our custom website builds.

Looking for a website that serves your Domestic and International customers?

Your internet marketing should reach domestic and international customers as well. We can do that for you here with our internet marketing skills, web development and our E-commerce business solutions.

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Shopping Carts are an expensive project, but Tri-Cities Web Solutions is a highly motivated and creative firm working hard to meet your business needs and your budgetary requirements.  We can input your inventory a lot quicker than your own employee and reduce your payroll costs. 

Meeting with us to discuss your needs

We have not had to actually meet in person with many of our clients and are very good at working through email and phone calls to get exactly what the customer is looking for in web design and graphical artwork. It's amazing how well this works. Should you require a meeting, please let us know. We are located in the Tri Cities area near Johnson City, Bristol and Kingsport but we also service clients who are long distance.

Our Fee Schedule

Our fees are very reasonable, as you can see on our website builder fee schedule page. We try not to make you call for a custom quote and offer several customer type scenarios for you. We mostly stick with the schedule, but every customer is different and we absolutely will talk by phone or email to design an exact quote for you. This will give you at least an understanding of our fees.

Why Should You Hire Us?

Our main goal is your PROFIT (and, of course, your happiness)! We work as partners, one-on-one, with our clients and feel more like employees rather than a separate business.

Your goals are our goals - you want to profit from your website. We are committed to handling your marketing while you handle your business. We do not "sell - build - and forget".

We do not buy premade templates that limit how you really want to express your business.  We don't like having to say NO to clients just because a template stops us from moving a graphic or section of your page.  We do not drop them into your hands, and run off to the next customer in hopes you'll mess something up and we'll get to come fix it for an additional fee. No, no, no. We custom build and then maintain your web presence for you while you run your business. 

Client Testimonials

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