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Don't be swayed

Our own rankings Don't be swayed

You will be shocked  when you look at the huge mistake an old client or ours did!

The following stats were presented to American Powertrain in May, 2011 (small picture), as noted in the top left of this image.  Underneath are their top business competitors in their market.  Just check out the comparative analysis!  After we started in 2005 from a one man operation in his home with a ten page website, he branched out into the American Muscle Car market.  More websites and SEO were done and there was an enormous growth in profit, due to the overwhelming traffic that we brought to him via the search engines. After having created five successful websites for this company, their growth was huge and webmasters came crawling out of their closets after their web business.   We fought and fought and warned and warned this company on every single point any "proposed" webmaster had to say about their skills as well as their insulting ours. 

When you're given proof by Tri-Cities Web Solutions and the so called "pro's" in website building sucker you into believing they could do a better job and your stats plummet from 10,000 to 3,000, maybe you should have listened. We have been vindicated and it is nice to see; however, it's kind of sad since we actually considered the business as our own as well, having a huge part in building it up from a one person office.  It's dreadful to see the ruin of all of our hard work. 

We had furthered a one-man operation into a multi-million dollar business, yet they caved into the urgings of the so-called pros - simply because they felt a "change was needed" and the "pros" had a nicer looking website than ours, were at their car shows, and catered to the auto parts industry.  That absolutely does not make any sense at all !! They're also catering to your own competitors!  Don't make the same mistake.

These are picture snapshots that we took back in May 2011 and again in 2012 from (when it was free to use that site). Notice the increases under our management and notice the loss after they left us and their rankings plummeted in only FOUR MONTHS TIME!!
They were warned!

Snapshot from May 2011

Snapshot from May 2012


After the 1-1/2 years and several website revisions it took for them to regain their stats, they haven't received anything more than just a new design, which we could have easily done.
(AFTER ALL they are still using our images that we skillfully cropped out, shadowed and transitioned as well as three other websites that they don't want to take down since they bring in business to this day)

Imagine the losses from 2012-2014!